We offer Commercial Auxiliary & Wireless Equipment from a variety of different brands as well as provide quality repairs on all equipment that we sell. Because we are also a Mood franchise we can provide all of Mood’s global services and offer your business exclusive professional applications at the local level.



  • Move with the total freedom of a wireless microphone system without losing the superior sound quality
  • Premier wireless technology for entry level, rugged use, corporate venue, performance level, musicians, and easy install


  • Hear every word
  • Microphones that operate cleanly even when in direct contact with all wireless electronic devices

Williams Sound®

  • Legendary provider of hearing assisted listening devices
  • Products for house of worship, the classroom, at work, on the phone, or other public venues

Listen Technologies:

Every venue has different needs. Installed RF systems with stationary transmitters make it easy for venues to provide great listening experiences. Installed RF systems offer great benefits, like:

  • Assistive listening.  Every venue has different acoustics.  Installed hearing assistive systems make it easy for small or large venues to provide great listening experiences.
  • Everything needed for assistive listening legislative compliance.


  • Control your computer and present up to 30 feet away on this wireless tablet
  • Quickly jot down notes – from mathematical formulas to flow charts, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and highlight information with digital inks


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