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Every business deserves the benefit of great sound. That’s why each of our sound system clients receive a customized sound system design and installation from our expert team — at surprisingly affordable prices.

Background Music Sound Systems

Our professional commercial sound systems and background music sound systems deliver the full power, emotion and energy of any music program you choose — from relaxing and intimate to high-energy and cutting-edge. Trust the audio branding experts to design the perfect commercial sound system for your needs.
Our commitment to providing professional sound system consultation and analysis, quality products such as Bose® and Klipsch®, and attentive workmanship is the reason we’re the leading provider of commercial sound systems in upstate New York .

The Experience

Think about the last time you were enjoying dinner and got sidetracked by a crackling, popping restaurant sound system…or went shopping and became distracted by music that faded in and out. Your customers are just as perceptive — they’ll definitely notice your business’s audio branding, especially if their experience is interrupted by an inadequate sound system.


Everything about your business speaks to your brand image and impacts your customer experience. Everything. And nothing speaks greater volumes than the quality of your business sound system.

Maintaining offices in Rochester, Syracuse and Albany allows us to design and install sound systems across NY State, specializing in the following:


  • General Commercial Sound Systems
  • Restaurant Sound Systems
  • Retail Sound Systems
  • Casino Audio Systems
  • Large & Small Worship & Church Sound Systems
  • Audio Solutions for Sports Facilities
  • Meeting Room Sound Solutions
  • Auditorium Sound Systems
Learn more about some of the quality sound products we use in our custom sound systems for business:
Contact us with any questions about our full range of high-end commercial sound products or how we can design and install a custom commercial audio system specifically designed around your business needs.

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