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FCC:Reliable Innovation


We know the balance between leading edge and being dependable and we have our 70 years of experience listening to clients and understanding their needs and budget to provide technology you can depend on.


We know the past and present of the AV industry. We have a firm comprehension on the future of the industry. We approach new technology with a discerning eye. We know the market trends well enough to gauge what will work and won’t work for our client’s expectations.

AV Design, Engineering, & Sales

We design systems that we can support. We never out design our technical capabilities. We have a robust continuing education training program to keep our staff intellectually equipped to accept and embrace innovation. Our technical design and engineering staff hold several dozen certifications for all our key manufacturers. We stay current with AV innovation.

Enabling Client Innovation

It’s imperative we know our industry. We design systems with the intent to provide our clients with the latest technology that will work for them. We never over design or under design any system. We bring reliable innovative AV solutions to our clients to enable them to use technology to grow and develop their business.

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