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Not all meetings require video conferencing. Quality audio conferencing will reduce meeting fatigue and improve productivity.

Have you ever experienced poor audio quality on a conference call? We know how to fix this—we can prevent poor audio.
Biamp System

Biamp Systems®

  • Premium room audio teleconferencing systems
  • Digital Signal Processors, ceiling microphones, desktop dialers
  • Devio Conferencing hub for huddle rooms with built-in Bluetooth™ wireless technology to provide a cable-free solution for conferencing via mobile phone
  • Digital Voice tracking microphones


  • The patented ceiling tile beamforming mic array, with voice lift, delivers unrivaled audio performance and deployment ease
  • Leading global provider of audio conferencing & teleconferencing solutions
  • Beamforming, feedback, and removal of feedback and ringing cancellation technologies
  • Achieve distortion‐free, full 360‐degree coverage of any room shape and any seating arrangement
  • Audio algorithms, like noise reduction, filtering, and Automatic Level Control, eliminate the need for per‐beam processing in a DSP mixer ‐ requiring fewer DSP mixer resources
  • Pioneer in audio conferencing technologies
QSC Audio Video


  • Software‐based platform built around an open IT‐friendly ecosystem
  • Leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission critical reliability of a Linux operating system, and the interoperability of IEEE networking standards
  • IT‐centric layered approach allows QSC to easily migrate the Q‐SYS Ecosystem to other Intel platforms as they introduce new, faster chipsets, and to other off‐the‐shelf hardware
  • Usage of IT standard protocols makes the Q‐SYS Ecosystem adaptable for future IT functions and platforms


  • Reputation for reliable products that deliver amazing sound
  • Products that provide inspirational AV experiences
  • World class voice processors
  • Controlled from easy‐to‐use wall remotes, wireless tablets, or mobile phones for professional audio teleconferencing
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