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Connect, Engage & Sell More with Digital Signage Solutions.

MOOD Media is the premiere provider for digital signage installation and support in Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Albany NY.
MOOD: Harmony

MOOD: Harmony®

  • All‐In‐One Audio & Visual Digital Media Platform
  • Deliver your Music, Messaging and Digital Signage from one device with MOOD Harmony ‐ Mood Media’s most innovative and versatile digital media player
  • Compact and reliable, Harmony is easy to install and designed to withstand the most demanding business environments
  • Intuitive content management system makes it easy to manage multiple in‐store media solutions from one user‐friendly portal
  • UNMATCHED MUSIC CONTROL. Create the perfect sound for your brand and choose from multiple professionally‐designed music programming options ‐ all backed by the world’s largest library of fully‐licensed music.
  • EASY VISUAL CONTENT MANAGEMENT. Instantly manage and schedule your Digital Signage solutions across one or multiple locations.
  • SUPPORTS MULTIPLE FILE TYPES. Harmony supports all common HD image and video file types, including HTML5, RSS feeds, live streaming and more.
  • EXPANDABLE STORAGE From 16 GB to 256 GB of storage, Harmony makes it easy to store a wealth of Music, Messaging, and Digital Signage content.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. Harmony is designed for simple plug & play installation. Built‐in
    mounting ports make it easy to attach the player.
  • CENTRALIZED MONITORING. Conveniently monitor the health of your fleet of Harmony devices through Mood Media’s online Monitoring app: easily identify devices that are offline, review performance metrics, recently played content, send on‐click commands, export reports and opt‐in for email alerts.
  • ENERGY‐EFFICIENT. Designed to be ‘always on’, Harmony is designed with energy efficiency in mind, using under 10W of power no matter what content is playing.


  • Digital Signage for every business; Retail, Education, Healthcare, Corporate, Lobbies, Government, Social, Transportation.
  • Over 20,000 businesses and organizations across 5 continents successfully set‐up digital signage
  • Super Simple; Focus on ease‐of‐use; NoviSign continually releases new digital signage features, widgets, apps and usability improvements that are always free
  • Secure and simple digital signage control
  • Free Support; We don’t just sell you a box and let you go; our skilled team is with you every step making sure all your questions are answered.
  • Secure; Hosted on Amazon’s S3 Server, NoviSign resides in the cloud‐‐No servers to maintain and no expensive hardware to purchase


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