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Mood Media FFC
The Seneca Falls Visitors Center had us install a Digital Signage System. This digital signage system uses an 82” LED wall mounted monitor with a digital signage media player and a digital media (HDMI) input wall plate for content broadcast. By connecting a guest user’s laptop, tablet, or phone to the digital media input wall plate, this system can be also used as a local presentation display for group meetings.

For digital signage content creation and management, the digital signage player is wirelessly connected to the client’s Wi-Fi and the content software is cloud based. The content manager can update and edit the content any time. Digital signage content can be anything the client deems pertinent, i.e.; weather reports, stock reports, news, local events calendar, historical records, etc.

Weather Forecast Monitor
82” LED wall mounted monitor
Mood Media Digital Signage
Mood Media Digital Media