video_conference2Video Conferencing Solutions are common in the workplace and help to improve communication efficiency, productivity, and cut operational costs. The global economy and the development of high speed network infrastructures have changed the way we do business. From small regional companies to large multinational corporations, video conferencing can enable you to effectively and efficiently communicate with your offices. Whether you need a high definition document camera, a mobile video conferencing system, or an installed video conferencing system, we have the right solution.

We install video conferencing systems into:

  • Executive Board Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Call Centers
  • Office Areas
  • All vertical markets

Video Conferencing Solutionsvideo_conference1

The introductions of telepresence solutions and high-definition video have raised the bar for quality and design. This expanding video universe also means you’ll need to carefully weigh a broad array of features and functionality to assemble the video program that is best for your organization.

Almost any workflow process that you currently implement with telephone, e-mail or travel can be improved with video. Once video is in place, you may be surprised at the additional opportunities you discover to improve communication.

We design video conferencing systems using only the best and most reliable hardware. Learn more about Video Conferencing Partners and Teleconferencing Partners.

Video Conference Room

video_conference3Did you know that 55 percent of communication is determined by nonverbal cues — namely tone of voice and body language? How many of these important nonverbal details get lost every day in e-mail exchanges or teleconferences? Face-to-face communication is more personal. It builds a higher level of trust, reduces confusion and makes people more accountable for their actions. Video Conferencing can be a very personal experience when people at all levels of an organization can choose the solution appropriate for them and participate in video calls on their schedule.

Of course, in today’s business environment, communicating in person isn’t always possible. But video can be the next best thing. Live video conferencing is a powerful multimedia tool that allows for natural, face-to-face communication even when people are miles — or continents — apart.

Video Conference Cost Savings

video_meetingWhat does that mean for your business? Many organizations consider video conferencing a key cost reduction tool. It is true; the typical video conferencing customer can reduce travel by 30 percent or more, resulting in significant cost savings. Cost, however, is only one element of a video strategy that can also include increased productivity, environmental responsibility and work/life balance.

Video Conferencing Uses

Video conferencing affects the way that business is conducted across an entire organization.

  • Interview job candidates remotely
  • Enhance telework programs
  • Get real-time feedback from suppliers straight to the manufacturing floor
  • Record training sessions
  • CEO messages
  • Participate in video calls on your schedule

Additional Video Conferencing Benefits

Video conferencing has far reaching benefits. In the effort to be better ecological stewards of our planet, video conferencing offers us a sustainable environmental and financial means to conduct business. Video conferencing can also protect businesses from intellectual property theft by reducing exposure of laptop computers, PDA’s, and brief cases from public access in airports, hotels, cabs, rental cars and anywhere else business travelers venture. Contact us today to see what video conferencing solution is right for your business.


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