finger_on_technologySome of our nation’s most successful firms, located in Functional Communications’ territory, use Mood services. We provide a vast array of services to technology companies. From Voice to Sound Masking to Digital Signage, we provide local technology firms with practical communications applications.

Functional Communications also provides industrial facilities with heavy duty commercial communication systems. Industrial plants typically use telecommunications interfacing systems for paging, bell tones, and evacuation signaling. In many cases we also provide high powered sound systems for music coverage in industrial facilities. This improves worker morale and keeps production going.

factory_workareaA big part of industry is quality control, design, and managerial communications. To help today’s industrial office needs and efficiencies, we’ve installed video conferencing, audio-video integration, sound systems, LCD’s, interactive whiteboards, TV, digital signage, sound masking, and much more into the factory’s conference rooms, meeting rooms, and training rooms.

Contact Us to see how you can use the power of audio and video in your industrial facility. And visit our long list of Solutions and best in class Partners to see which ones fit your business.






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